There are two frogs...

There are two frogs at the  


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There are two frogs at the bottom of the well, and they are eager to see the world outside the well. After a torrential rain, the well water filled the wellhead. Two frogs jumped out of the well and parted ways, one to the east and one to the west... The eastward frog ran straight forward and came to a small pond by the road. The air here is fresh, not only with many wild frogs and its companions, but also many insects for them to capture. The little frog is happy to mention how happy it is. day, the little frog is catching flies by the pond. Suddenly, the good friend ran wildly and panicked and said, "Not good, not good. When I was playing hide and seek in the field with my companions, two people came. They had flashlights and they still had Carrying a big woven bag and taking away other companions. Fortunately, I ran fast, otherwise, I also did the human "failed." Hey, let'ser all, the little frogs and the spots fled their small ponds that "get along with each other". However, they did not escape the human claws. They just fled to the edge of the field. A small frog suddenly appeared a strong beam of light in front of it, making it unable to open its eyes. Then there was a large net covering the little frog, and the little frog scared. I got fainted-- the little frog wakes up, it is already on the noisy street.(the name of the little frog) You finally woke up, you are scared to death."ttle frog looked at it, talking about the spots, and there were many partners around. The little frog is thinking Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, how can I be here? Why didn't I die? ...have not waited for the little frog to understand, they are loaded into a black cageter a while Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices, the frogs finally saw the day again, but the good times were not long. They were soon locked into a glassdusk, the other partners were caught by a housewife one by one Make Newport 100, and only half of them were saved. Little frogs and spots can't see them, they can only hear their voices, how desperate they are. Little frogs and spots can't do anything, just rush in the tank until the screams fade away.little frogs knew they were dead and were killed by humans with extremely cruel means. This is a dish of fresh and delicious dishes on the table Newport Short Cigareetes.! Our partner!" The spot was first called. we have to escape!" "What? Run away?" "Well. Now the bag is not tight, we escaped the bag, and then fled directly to the opposite pond. Remember, the action is faster. Ok. Depart." The frogs struggled to escape the bag and ran to the opposite, the little frog and other partners escaped the fate of death. The little frog can't understand why, because in the human dictionary, the frog is evaluated like this: "It is good for agriculture to eat the pests in the field Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online." The little frog thought: Since we are "beneficial", why should we eat us? The human mind is really not to be caught, the little frog returned to the bottom of the well.


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